C. W. Buechler’s Skulls : Prologue

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I am going out on a limb here and forcing myself into a corner by begining sharing with you the story of Skulls.  I have been working on this beast for 5 years and cannot seem to get the ending done, well I have started the last chapter and know the conclusion I want to happen.  I am giving myself the deadline of … well quite a few weeks before it will appear here, but its still a deadline. Hopefully I can write the last 10k words of this beast before it comes time to post it.   In the immortal words of Douglas Adams “I love deadlines and the sound they make as they go flying by.”


There is very little that is known about the origins of the human race for certain.  Of course there are those that have it right, but everyone seems to think that their idea is the correct one and everyone else is a mindless fool.
Even those people who have a fundamental agreement on the origins of life on the planet Earth can not agree with the details.  Christians, Jews and Muslims have been killing each other for millennia over what to call the same entity who they credit with the creation of mankind.
You have the whole evolution idea propagated by an old guy named Darwin who believed that humans evolved from simians, and that all things in nature can be broken down into simple machines, even the biological.
There are people who believe the human race was created by alien scientists.  There are even those individuals who believe humans are in fact aliens who settled upon the Earth and forgot who they were.
Then there is the whole cult of the flying spaghetti Monster – we won’t even talk about those guys.
No matter how you think it happened the human race is here, and no amount of philosophical discussion will ever provide us with the answers to how we got to where we are today.  Mankind has seen its fare shares of rises and falls of civilizations as well.  We know the Roman Empire fell several times prior to anyone admitting failure and calling it quits.  The Aztecs had a great civilization that focussed on among other things human sacrifice, they too fell.  The Mayan people also disappeared from sight without an answer.  How many cultures and civilizations have come and gone without leaving enough evidence for modern man to figure out everything that has been lost to them?  Simply speaking we do not know that answer, it has been lost to us.
What if there was something (or some things) that once brought together could imbue the entire human race with knowledge beyond their beliefs, the knowledge of everything that has been lost to us?  Then again who is to say that the human race is ready for that much information?

Code of the Rounders

  1. Every Man shall obey civil Command; the Captain shall have one full Share and another in all Prizes; the Master, Carpenter, Boatswain and Gunner shall have one Share and quarter.
  2. If any Man shall offer to run away, or keep any Secret from the Company, he shall be marooned, with one Bottle of Powder, one Bottle of Water, one small Arm, and Shot.
  3. If any Man shall steal any thing in the Company, or game, to the Value of a Piece of Eight, he shall be marooned or shot.
  4. If at any Time we should meet another Mariner that Man that shall sign his Articles without the Consent of our Company shall suffer such Punishment as the Captain and Company shall think fit.
  5. That Man that shall strike another whilst these Articles are in force shall receive Moses’ Law (that is, 40 Stripes lacking one) on the bare Back.
  6. That Man that shall snap his Arms, or smoke Tobacco in the Hold, without a Cap to his Pipe, or carry a Candle lighted without a Lantern, shall suffer the same Punishment as in the former Article.
  7. That Man that shall not keep his Arms clean, fit for an Engagement, or neglect his Business, shall be cut off from his Share, and suffer such other Punishment as the Captain and the Company shall think fit.
  8. If any Man shall lose a Joint in time of an Engagement, shall have 400 Pieces of Eight; if a Limb, 800.
  9. If at any time you meet with a prudent Woman, that Man that offers to meddle with her, without her Consent, shall suffer present Death.

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