Sneak Peek at Dream Factory

Dream_Factory_The_Nightmare_AffairI am privileged to be able to provide a sneak peek at my newest work…which is still very much in progress.  We join in where Holly Grant, our intrepid tween hero, is awoken by a rather strange occurrence.

Chapter 2 : In which dreams become true

Butterflies drifted over Holly’s head as she lay sleeping in her bed . These were not the normal sort of  butterflies that you would find in the garden, these butterflies glowed faint blue and were ghostly in appearance .  One landed on Holly’s ear and stirred the girl from her sleep. 

Staring up at the half dozen, faintly ghostly insects fluttering over her bed the girl had a very different response than most eleven year old girls would have, she smiled.  ”Well this is new.”

The young girl reached a hand out and one of the Butterflies landed gently on her outstretched finger .  With the exception of glowing and being composed of something that wasn’t all that dissimilar to fairy dust, the butterfly was perfectly normal . It flapped its wings slowly, and then faded away into the night .

A woman’s voice came out of the darkness, it too made Holly smile .    A figure emerged from the darkness.  It was that of a tall, slender woman in her late thirties.  Her hair was long and flowing, dropping neatly on her shoulders in a gentle cascade of curls.  If t here was anything odd about the woman, despite her presence in Holly Grant’s bedroom in the middle of the night; it was that she shared the butterflies translucent qualities and faint ethereal blue glow. “I wonder what your father is dreaming up tonight.”

Playing with another of the fragile insects fluttering around her room Holly smiled a relaxed, and comfortable…smile.  “You never know with him, but since you are here I will assume he is starting something new.”

“That is true, but it could just be that he was talking to me about your first day of school today.” The ghostly woman sat on the end of Holly’s bed and patted the sheets with her hand.  “He was very proud of you, and he even said that you appear to have made some new friends.  He is very worried that he may have made you angry today.”

“He didn’t do anything that isn’t him.”

The ghostly woman laughed a little, “Yeah, he can be pretty clueless can’t he.  Just don’t let him think your mad at him, after all you guys are all that you really have.”

The young girl looked a little irritated by that assertion, “We wouldn’t be alone in L.A.” She sat up right in her bed and crossed her arms defiantly.  “I don’t know why we had to move to this forsaken city any way.  Did you know it gets bellow freezing here during the winter. ”

“Your father had his reasons for getting you out of Hollywood.”. The woman reached out and laid a hand on the young girls shoulder.  “He has seen what happens to kids who grow up to famous.”

The girl glanced down for a moment, and a slight grimace came across her face as she thought about all of the train wrecks that came out of being a child star, or even just the child of someone big. “Well did he need to pick this place?”

The ghostly woman looked around the girls room and floated effortlessly to the door. “I think you need to come see this Holl.”

Holly grant swung her feet out bed. Her feet slid effortless into the perfectly placed slippers at the side of the bed. Standing up she reached out and grabbed the multicolored striped robe and slipped it on before she reached the door to her bedroom.

The normal view out her room was of the chandelier that hung over the grand entrance to the house. She could look down and see the front door and the sweeping stairwell that led to the upstairs.  What she saw this time was thousands of glowing butterflies.  They lit the foyer with an erie blue light.  “Well this can’t be good can it?”

The woman looked down at Holly, and again out into the foyer.  A puzzled look came across her face, “You know I normally know what is behind your father’s dreams, I mean I am nothing more than his memories of me when I was alive; but this has me baffled.”

“Mom, without those memories I would never have gotten to know you.”  As Holly spoke a butterfly flittered into her and the young girl flinched as she felt it bite her.  The young girl flicked her hand and the butterfly flew away, “One learns to tolerate the monsters if for the angel that is brought as well.”

The ghostly figure smiled, although a look of concern weighed heavy upon her brow; “Are you alright, that looked painful?”

The butterfly that bit Holly disappeared into the flanks of the flutter.  As suddenly as it had disappeared into the pulsing blue mass of butterflies clinging to chandelier the flutter took to the air.  The glowing creatures seemed to move in an orchestrated chorus, sweeping at first down and then looping back up towards Holly’s bedroom door.

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