Atlantis Rising in iBooks

We finally managed to jump through all of the correct hurdles to produce an epub that passes the rather stringent Apple review process and are proud to announce that Atlantis Rising is available on the iBooks store for the price of $5.99.

Of course you can get it for less for your Kindle, but thats only because Amazon discounts our $5.99 price, but this means that you can now show your love for this site, our sponsor and Apple all with a single purchase of Atlantis Rising.

Just open up iBooks on your iPhone or iPad and do a search for Atlantis Rising, or Collin Buechler and buy the version that looks like our cover.  There is another Atlantis Rising for $6.99 that looks promising too, but buy C.W. Buechler’s Atlantis Rising first.

We hope to bring Earth Union Necromancer to the iBooks Store and Lulu Shortly.

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