Status of C W Buechler Online

sq13.jpgWe just wanted to let everyone know what is up with IBW and CWBuechler Online.  Essentially we are swamped with numerous Paying Job stresses and non-paying job stresses and as such we are posting the bare minimum to keep the site up and running.  We hope that after the corporate office moves of IBW, the successful conclusion of many work-a-day projects to pay the bills, and a few other concerns that are occupying 110% of our time we can return to our normal posting schedule.

Things in the hopper at IBW and CWBUECHLER Online include; Digging out from the endless MN Winter, “THE MOVE”, Dream Factory, a review of Queers Dig TimeLords, the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who and a complete recompiling of the website to improve performance.

Please be patient with us while we dig out of the hole we have created.


-the Management

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