Dream Factory Pitch

Dream_Factory_The_Nightmare_AffairDream Factory: The Nightmare Affair

Being a 12 year old girl is hard enough without having to worry about starting a new school, in a new city without any friends; but Holly Grant has to also cope with the stigma of her father’s fame as world renowned horror author William Grant. 

William in an attempt to shelter his daughter from the glitz and glam of Hollywood has moved into an old mansion in Edina, Minnesota.  He figured that Minnesota was about as bland and calm as you could find, but he could not foresee the mystery his daughter unveils in there turn of the century home.

The old home the Grants now call home contains a catacomb of hidden passages and rooms that contain the belongings of the former residents.  Dream Factory: The Nightmare Affair follows Holly Grant, her friends Julia Pearson and Christian Pierce as they attempt to solve the mystery of long lost belongings hidden in the walls of the Grant Manor…Oh and there is the small issue of William Grant’s nightmares coming to life.

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