Harbinger – Back in the Stable

Harbinger_Front_CoverWe are proud to announce that as of this morning at 10:04 am central time we took back publishing writes for Harbinger from Publish America.  As of 1:30 pm Central time Harbinger is available in multiple formats at our Lulu bookstore.  Major distribution of the print version is awaiting approval on the print editions. 

Harbinger, as I have been told by those who have read it, is one of the scariest stories they have read.  “Truly creepy and unsettling,” was the description provided by our eldest whelp, who refuses to finish reading it because it is too scary.  This is high praise indeed as he is a fan of the horror genre.

A few changes you will notice in these versions:

  • Significant editing improvements
  • New cover designs (because I didn’t have a good image of the old cover)
  • now in eBook (PA wanted $100 for an eBook version, I knocked it out in 10 minutes for free)
  • Slightly lower prices (Harbinger is by far the longest book I have published, but I did knock $10 off the 6×9 version)

Check it out and let me know what you think.




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