New Release : Earth Union Anthology

Earth Union Anthology_Cover

We are making both Earth Union books available in a single download from Amazon, B&N and iBooks for $2.99.  This is a $1 saving over the price for the individual eBooks.

Acdemy FinaleWhile Academy and Necromancer are the very first two books by Collin Buechler they represent some truly unique and creative work.  We have also taken the liberty of cleaning up the manuscripts for these two stories and making certain that your enjoyment is not hindered by type-o and contextual errors (i.e. there instead of their).  These changes have also been made to the standalone novels and are at various states of processing (e.g. iBooks is lagging behind on approvals).

Necromancer New CoverThis change also allowed us to bring Academy and Necromancer under the author Collin Buechler and not C. W. Buechler.  Its a minor change, but we are hoping it improves the search-ability for our published material and improve overall sales.



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