M.I. 86: Series 1, Episodes 1 & 2 Pre-sale


M.I. 86 Series 1, episodes 1 & 2 are now available as an Amazon exclusive for $2.99.  The first two episodes will be available on 7, December 2014 to celebrate the bravery of our men and women who gave so much during World War II.

Description: At the beginning of World War II a secret organization was founded in England to combat the Nazi’s Supernatural Weapons Group. Charged with tracking down mystical artifacts M.I. 86 hoped to put a stop to the Baron von Sterb’s plan to use the relics to win the war for Germany. When US Marine Gunnery Sergeant James Dennesy reported for duty, he had no idea he was M.I. 86’s next recruit.

Episode 1:The Hammer of Life
The North Carolina raised Gunnery Sergeant James Dennesy is sent to Finland to investigate what the German Wehrmacht is doing in Salla. Here he uncovers a world of witches and magic that goes against everything he was raised to believe. When the Gunnery Sergeant fails to complete his mission to stop the mysterious Baron von Sterb and his companion Gretel he is disturbed to discover his untimely death does not spell the end of his involvement in World War II.

Episode 2: Operation Arrowhead
A newly awoken James Dennesy is sent to northern India where the Germans are launching a covert operation meant to disrupt the country and send it spiraling into a civil war. This operation was known as Operation Arrowhead. James’ mission is not to stop the Nazi’s plan to seed unrest in the country, but rather recover a mystical artifact from a remote mountain temple that in the hands of the Nazis could end the war quickly and in their favor.

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