Earth Union Series


Earth Union: Academy

What would happen if we could journey back in time and change the results of the Vietnam War? Or prevent Hitler from assuming power? These are the types (though not examples) of decisions faced by Angela Bluttsplitter in the new science fiction adventure “Earth Union Academy” by C.W. Buechler.

As the story begins, Bluttsplitter’s home world is in turmoil, with people starving in the streets under the oppressive rule of the Earth Union. Her plan is to travel back in time to change history and return home as the princess of her people.

Unfortunately for her, a young cadet, a bumbling layer and a militant police commander have other plans. They want to stop Bluttsplitter, since her plan would mean the destruction of their beloved Earth Union. Will Bluttsplitter succeed and save her world from oppression, or will the Earth Union prevail?

Earth Union: Necromancer

Angela Bluttsplitter returns to the Earth Union as she attempts to save the life of the Garphie Prince, a man she was once tasked to kill.

But this time she has to contend with her brother, a bumbling fool who is just dangerous enough to succeed.

All of the Main players from EU: Academy are back, at least those that survived.

Publisher: Itty Bitty Writer Publications, inc.

Ebook available to Kindle owners through the Kindle Store, iPad (iPhone, iPod Touch) owners through the iBooks Store,  or PDF e-book format through LULU for the rest of you ebook fans.

Print Edition is also available through LULU in both Paperback and Hardcover (incase you feel like paying for it).