Evil comes in many forms, and in Harbinger evil is bound in an ancient tome known as the Grimoire.  This ancient text shows the way to open the gates of hell and transform into Satan’s most powerful champion.  It is the ancient symbol of the Grimoire that is carved into the dead bodies being found on the streets of Grover’s Corner.

When a serial killer seeking rank in Satan’s army stalks the small New England settlement of Grover’s Corner during the fall of 1586, it falls upon the shoulder’s of a holy man named Brian Dreamweaver to save his brother’s widow, their two small children, the good townsfolk of Grover’s Corner, and if God is willing himself.

Can Brian Dreamweaver discover the secretes of the serial killer in time, while unlocking lost memories of his childhood which could hold critical clues as to the identity of the terror stalking the God fairing people of Grover’s Corner? or is it to late to stop the transformation of the killer into the key for the locked gates of hell?


Publisher: Lulu

$15.99 Softcover (6×9 format)

$25.50 Paperback (Pocket Novel)

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Publisher: Publish America 

I whole heartedly disagree with the retail pricing from Publish America. Regrettably I am tied into their contract until they release me, please do not let these greedy SOBs get your money. I make $1.40/ book from them, that is it — do me a favor and buy my other works instead.