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pencil-headerCollin W. Buechler Online has been in existence since 2002 and has enjoyed a number of changes over the years.

This site is dedicated to trying to convince all of you science fiction, fantasy and horror fans out there to buy one of Collin W. Buechler’s books, sit down, step out of your comfort zone and be entertained.  Likewise we would appreciate it if you liked the story please tell your family and friends about it so that they too could buy a book, sit down, slip out of their comfort zone and be entertained.  (Rinse and Repeat until the author is a world famous writer and then you can say “I was there in the early days.”  Wouldn’t that make you feel special?)

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About Collin W. Buechler

Father, Husband, Minnesotan, Jackanapes and Author are all words used at least once to describe Collin W. Buechler; they are listed in no particular order.


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