Sneak Peek at Dream Factory

Dream_Factory_The_Nightmare_AffairI am privileged to be able to provide a sneak peek at my newest work…which is still very much in progress.  We join in where Holly Grant, our intrepid tween hero, is awoken by a rather strange occurrence.

Chapter 2 : In which dreams become true

Butterflies drifted over Holly’s head as she lay sleeping in her bed . These were not the normal sort of  butterflies that you would find in the garden, these butterflies glowed faint blue and were ghostly in appearance .  One landed on Holly’s ear and stirred the girl from her sleep.  Continue reading “Sneak Peek at Dream Factory”

C. W. Buechler’s Skulls : Prologue

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I am going out on a limb here and forcing myself into a corner by begining sharing with you the story of Skulls.  I have been working on this beast for 5 years and cannot seem to get the ending done, well I have started the last chapter and know the conclusion I want to happen.  I am giving myself the deadline of … well quite a few weeks before it will appear here, but its still a deadline. Hopefully I can write the last 10k words of this beast before it comes time to post it.   In the immortal words of Douglas Adams “I love deadlines and the sound they make as they go flying by.” Continue reading “C. W. Buechler’s Skulls : Prologue”