MI86 Volume 4 – Operation Harling Preview

ebook Available 7 December 2015 for $2.99 at Amazon

We join the action immediately after Rachael Erstweather has left a bombed out building and is returning to MI86 headquarters through a war torn section of London.  With her arms full of books and the sound of workers cleaning up after Jerry’s latest bombing raid the intrepid Royal Marine Captain finds herself in a situation she wishes James was there for.

MI86 Volume 4 will be available as an ebook from itty bitty writer publications 7 December 2015. Continue reading “MI86 Volume 4 – Operation Harling Preview”

Who’s 50: The 50 Doctor Who Stories to Watch Before you Die

The following post originally appeared on our sister site, Itty Bitty Writer Publications.

Today we take a look at Who’s 50: The 50 Doctor Who Stories to Watch Before you Die by Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?.  This book examines the 50 top stories of Doctor Who that one must see before they die, and while for a life long fan of the show it was hard pressed to tell me to watch something I hadn’t already seen a hundred times; I can clearly respect that I am now an outlier in current Doctor Who fandom; and for the young fan, new to the show, possibly overwhelmed by the vast expanse of the shows history it can be a little daunting to go it alone.  That’s where this compendium comes in handy. Continue reading “Who’s 50: The 50 Doctor Who Stories to Watch Before you Die”

C. W. Buechler’s Skulls : Prologue

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I am going out on a limb here and forcing myself into a corner by begining sharing with you the story of Skulls.  I have been working on this beast for 5 years and cannot seem to get the ending done, well I have started the last chapter and know the conclusion I want to happen.  I am giving myself the deadline of … well quite a few weeks before it will appear here, but its still a deadline. Hopefully I can write the last 10k words of this beast before it comes time to post it.   In the immortal words of Douglas Adams “I love deadlines and the sound they make as they go flying by.” Continue reading “C. W. Buechler’s Skulls : Prologue”