Sneak Peek – What I don’t Know about Monsters

EntI have been dividing my creative time between two projects.  One of course is Dream Factory – The Nightmare Affair; which I am happy to report is nearing the completion of its first draft.  The second is a picture book about Monsters, its working title is “What I don’t know about Monsters” and is being composed and illustrated completely on my iPad.  This is an exercise in both creativity and proving that these little wunderkind of the tech world can be used for creative purposes.

Using Pages on the iPad for text and layout is pretty easy, once you get the hang of it.  The illustrations are the item I am most proud of.  While I admit I am not the greatest artist, and the book might would be better served by an actual professional I really wanted to give it a go.  After the break are three sample pages from the book for your enjoyment.

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Sneak Peek: Dream Factory Prologue


This is the story of a girl and her father, rather unremarkable in many senses.  The girl, who’s name is Holly is like every other twelve year old girl, she worries about friends, what cloths she is wearing and if that cute boy down the street was ever going to notice her.  For the record he might in a few years after he discovers that his time is better spent chasing girls then laughing at fart jokes and digging holes in his father’s otherwise meticulously groomed backyard. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Dream Factory Prologue”

Sneak Peek at Dream Factory

Dream_Factory_The_Nightmare_AffairI am privileged to be able to provide a sneak peek at my newest work…which is still very much in progress.  We join in where Holly Grant, our intrepid tween hero, is awoken by a rather strange occurrence.

Chapter 2 : In which dreams become true

Butterflies drifted over Holly’s head as she lay sleeping in her bed . These were not the normal sort of  butterflies that you would find in the garden, these butterflies glowed faint blue and were ghostly in appearance .  One landed on Holly’s ear and stirred the girl from her sleep.  Continue reading “Sneak Peek at Dream Factory”